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Garage Door Roller Replacement Longmont

Garage Door Roller Replacement Longmont

Project Description

Garage Doors 4 U Longmont had a garage door roller replacement pr project in Longmont CO.  The homeowner called for new garage rollers since they needed to fix their garage. We responded quickly to their request for a garage door repair Longmont as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to install the new garage door rollers quickly for the homeowner.

A knowledgeable garage door provider, such as Garage Doors 4 U Longmont, will be able to handle any issue, even if a garage door system seems complicated with several moving parts. You should know precisely what to search for if you need to call a qualified residential garage door repair company for garage door roller replacement services. Garage Doors 4 U Longmont offers the most experience with garage door repair difficulties, as well as a team of highly qualified and competent technicians.

Learn the Fundamentals of Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers connect the garage door to the rails and enable it to open and shut smoothly. Rollers are available in a variety of styles. Builder-grade rollers are often made of hard plastic or steel and do not have ball bearings. These builder-quality rollers should be changed every two years since they lack ball bearings and wear out quickly, causing the garage door to bind or screech severely.

Upgraded rollers are often made of nylon and have ball bearings inside the rollers. Ball bearings are available in both open and sealed designs. If the ball bearings are open, they should be greased every 3-4 months to keep them running smoothly and quietly. Replacement of garage door rollers is a task best left to the professionals, such as Garage Doors 4 U Longmont.

The guarantee on these upgraded rollers may vary depending on the manufacturer, but it will normally range from two years to a lifetime, depending on the kind of roller and bearing design. Rollers should be examined at least once a year and lubricated every 3-4 months or twice a year at the absolute least. Keeping the rollers properly oiled helps extend the roller's life.

When examining the rollers, ensure the roller is securely connected to the shaft and does not move or have any play in it. If the roller wiggles or has played in it, it's time to replace it.

You should also ensure that the roller spins freely on the shaft. If the roller becomes stuck or sounds or feels like it is grinding, it is time to replace the rollers.

Finally, inspect the roller to ensure that it is not fractured and that there are no bits of rubber or nylon missing from the rollers. Replace as needed.

How to Make Your Garage Door Rollers Last Longer

Maintenance, lubrication, and inspection may save money later. Rollers are reasonably priced, ranging from $6 to $10 per roller depending on the kind of ball bearings, roller diameter, and shaft length.

Regularly examine your rollers and get your garage door system professionally inspected once a year. During regular maintenance, a garage door expert will examine and oil the rollers.

Getting your garage door rollers replaced

Garage doors are complex devices. They're also heavy and under a lot of strain. You might make expensive blunders or worse, cause significant harm. If your rollers are old, worn, or damaged, call a pro. They will have the necessary tools and knowledge.

Garage Doors 4 U Longmont offers both commercial and residential garage door repair services to Longmont CO residents, and the surrounding area. We have you covered, from garage door opener repair and garage door spring repair to garage door spring installation and garage door roller replacement. If you experience any issue with your home or business garage door, call us today at (720) 600-4848 for professional assistance.

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