Broken Spring Replacement

broken spring replacement longmont co

Broken Spring Replacement – There are two types of garage door spring systems, torsion spring system and extension spring system, the first thing to do in order to repair a broken spring is to understand which spring system you got in your garage door and more important than that which spring system will maximize your garage door performance, efficiency and longevity. In most cases the torsion springs are the ideal springs to make your garage door work in the best and most efficient way, our certified and well trained garage door repair technicians will determine that prior to starting the job and will explain you kindly and patiently what the perfect garage door spring system that is right for your garage door.

Broken spring replacement is the most common garage door repair problem to appear, the springs are under tremendous pressure each time you are either open or close your garage door, even though you can’t avoid completely the replacement of garage door spring you are definitely can extend the time between one spring repair to another drastically, in oder to do that there are few things we feel we should educated you about:

First, this days most of the garage doors are operating with two springs systems, in order to fix the springs problem and avoid dealing with the same issue over and over and with additional cost, anytime when you are finding out having a broken spring in a two spring system garage door you should replace both springs, you will save yourself a lot of time and money when you’ll do that cause springs with the same life expectancy will break in a short period of time apart so when you are replacing only one of the springs you ensures another spring repair very soon and it is absolutely unnecessary.

Because the heavy competition in the garage door industry, in Longmont and in the entire area north of Denver, many garage door repair companies are offering great price for “repairing” and replacing of  the broken spring you have, but no matter how good is the price when you are replacing only one spring and not two in matter of weeks you’ll to waste again your time and money and this is really unnecessary.

Second of all, another major factor you should consider when choosing garage door repair company to take care of your broken spring is the quality of the springs that;s going to be installed instead of the broken ones, springs quality and life life expectancy rated with cycles (1 cycle count each time the garage door open and close), the standard in garage door industry is to use 10,000 cycles springs that last on average usage for about 5 years, we, in Garage Door Repair Longmont are using 25,000 cycles springs that will last for about 12-13 years. To wrap up our great service and to ensure our customer satisfaction we are offering $20 off for any broken spring replacement services (when we replacing two springs) and we are offering 10 years warranty for any of those services. So if you are looking for the best and the most reliable garage door repair service in Longmont, you’ve got to the right place, pick up the phone and call us (720) 600-4848 and enjoy our guaranty same day service.