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Broken Spring Replacement

Broken Spring Replacement

We specialize in garage door spring repair and replacement, garage door spring installation, and emergency garage door repair.

Has your garage door started making unusual noises? Does it stop opening or closing mid-way? Does operating it comes with lots of noise? If you notice your garage door showing any of these signs, there is a strong possibility that your garage door spring is broken.
Garage door springs are necessary because they help balance a garage door’s weight as it is being opened or closed. It is essential to take care of your springs and repair them when they are no longer functional to avoid damaging your garage door. Have a garage door expert assess your garage door and replace the affected spring.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

Extension Springs

They are widely used in residential applications because they are less costly to purchase, replace, and mount. Extension springs are located above the top tracks on both sides of the entrance. As the door rises and falls, this sort of spring expands and contracts, providing a counterweight and making the door easier to work. When the door is in motion, they stretch and contract with the help of cables and pulleys.

Inspecting a broken extension spring might show gaps in the coils. You should also pay attention to how your garage door is aligned. If one of the springs fails, the garage door will not open properly on that side and hang aslant.

Torsion Springs

In garage doors, the number of torsion springs can vary. It varies depending on the door’s size, weight, and strength. Torsion springs are mounted on the metal shaft immediately above the door opening. After the cable length and aluminum drums are set, the springs are tensioned, giving this spring its name.

The torsion spring can be broken if it has a split, crack, or separation. You can often tell if your torsion spring is broken by looking at it. For example, you could find a two-inch gap in the spring, indicating where it broke.

Common signs that your garage door spring needs repair

The garage door refuses to open

The clearest indication that something is wrong with your springs is when your door refuses to open. This may suggest a range of problems with the garage door opener, including a problem with the springs. If this happens, you should have a professional check it, especially if you need a garage door spring replacement.

The door closes too fast

If your garage door falls quicker than it usually would when you close it, it can be another sign of a broken spring somewhere in the mechanism. If your garage door is unstable and jerking, the garage door springs are likely broken. When this happens, it is advised to call a technician as soon as possible before getting into an accident.

The door is crooked

A crooked garage door is also a sign of damaged garage door extension springs. They are generally attached to the garage door on both sides, and if one of them fails, the garage door will not open on that side. As a result, you will find that your garage door is crooked. And if you don’t have it fixed immediately, there is a chance that your garage door can get stuck on the tracks.

The door cables have loosened

Loose cables can also be a sign of faulty springs. When the spring breaks, it begins to unwind, causing the cables to fall out of place. Springs can unwind if they break, so expect a noticeable gap to appear if this occurs. If you find a gap between your torsion springs, leave it to a professional.

Emergency garage door repair in Longmont CO

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