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Garage Door Repair Pike Rd

Garage Door Repair Pike Rd

Project Description

Garage Doors 4 U Longmont had a new garage door and opener installation project in Longmont, CO.  The homeowner called for a garage door replacement service since their garage door broke and they needed to replace it. We responded quickly to their request for a new garage door repair Longmont as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to replace the garage door and opener quickly so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

A trusted garage door repair company like Garage Doors 4 U Longmont handles numerous types of garage door repairs. To ensure that homeowners understand how to diagnose common forms of garage door repairs, we will provide you with a basic idea for each type of residential garage door repair service. This information will help you when you hire a company for garage door repairs.

Which is Better, Repair or Replace?

Sectional garage doors are divided into sections by large panels that are joined together by hinges. Most sectional doors are purchased as modular pieces and can be replaced individually, so it is possible to replace only the damaged panel/s rather than the entire door.

Sectional garage doors are undoubtedly the most popular garage door types in residential garages. When your garage door is properly maintained, they can last for years. When they suffer damages, such as dents or cracks, it does not always mean you have to replace the garage door altogether.

Structural and cosmetic damage on the garage door panel

Damages to garage doors are classified as structural or cosmetic. A garage door panel could suffer structural damage due to a powerful impact, severe weather conditions, or mold and rot. You will know if your garage door is structurally compromised when you see that the panels have visibly bent out of shape or are misaligned. Caving in or bowing of panels is also a symptom of structural damage.

Garage doors tend to suffer more commonly from cosmetic damage. Cosmetic damage only affects the aesthetics of your door and not its performance. It can be caused by a moderate impact on the door or extreme weather conditions. Your door could suffer cosmetic damage in the form of cracked paint, splintering or broken panels, or faded color from years of exposure.

Cosmetic damage, in a way, is also a form of structural damage. When not addressed immediately, cosmetic damage can lead to more serious damage to the structure of the garage door.

As you have read above, a lot of garage door repair problems can be handled by a professional garage door repair company. Garage doors are very complicated, and you should not try to repair them yourself to avoid breaking them even more. Learning about the different garage door components and the types of repair will help you communicate the right information to a service company. You should always trust a reliable garage door repair company like Garage Doors 4 U Longmont to provide expert service for repairing your garage door.

Garage Doors 4 U Longmont offers professional and affordable garage door repair, installation, and maintenance services to Longmont CO residents and the surrounding area. We have been operating in the area for many years, and we are proud to serve our community. Garage Doors 4 U Longmont provides residential garage door repair and maintenance services, including new garage door installation, garage door opener repair and service, garage door spring repair and replacement, emergency garage door repair services, and many more. Call us anytime at (720) 600-4848 if you need any of these services, and we will respond to you in no time!

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